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Paint Your Own splash backs

Highly scratch resistant, uniquely modified to paint any colour by brush

Billieralph have developed a system that allows "Synthetic glas", to be painted [on the rear ] any colour you wish.
In either a very hard wearing high gloss finish or a beautiful matt surface. You can simply use the paint you are doing the rest of your walls with, and unlike glass, you will not notice a colour change.
The Synthetic Glas is perfectly clear, conventional glass tends to add a green tint to the colour.

We supply standard sizes [750 mm x 600 mm and 750 mm x 900 mm] ready to paint. Special sizes on request up to 3000 mm x 2000 mm
These PYO splash backs are not suitable behind gas hobs, unless you have a 200 mm gap between the burner and the wall, or an approved flame guard.

Depending on the size, 2 x Resene test pots may be enough, and certainly 1x Dulux test pot will be enough paint.

Suitable for use behind electric hobs, and in wet areas.

The image on this page, is painted by brush on the rear of a High Gloss PYO splash back. The stripes are made by masking while painting the black, then adding the colours after removing the masking.
The possibilities are up to your imagination, you can change often, as they are not a major expense.

The changing images above clearly show the difference between a gloss finish and a matt finish.










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