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Sibu decorative sheets

Sibu Stone decor sheets, for walls, showers or joinery


Sibu stone Glas is an abrasion resistant high gloss finish, or available in a matt finsh in some decors
Sibu Glas is suitable for shower walls, all the stone range can be pressed for joinery use.


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Sibu Metallic decor sheets

Sibu Decorative sheet are ideally suited to adding features to rooms, joiner and commercial installation

The Sibu, structure line range ,of decorative sheets, all have a strong metallic look. Often heavily embossed and always a highly decorative feature.
All Sibu sheets can be supplied as self adhesive, none adhesive or PVA bondable.

Supplied as 2600 mm x 1000 mm in self adhesive, non adhesive and PVA bondable, with a delivery time of 4 - 6 weeks.


TAGS : Sibu decorative sheets

Sibu Leather decor sheets

Sibu decorative sheets are supplied in either self adhesive or non adhesive. 2600 mm x 1000 mm. The leather range extends from plain leather finishes to; stitched, molded and vintage effects. Ideally suited as wall linings, used in joinery, kitchen and bathroom design, as well as fitting perfectly into many hospitality and commercial applications. We operate a library of sample catalogs and supply a sampling service.  See the Sibu web site  for the full range. Delivery time 4-6 weeks.

TAGS : Sibu decorative sheets

Sibu Metals and mirror

The Sibu DM range of design sheets includes mirrors and polished metallic finishes as well as brushed metallics and mosaic mirror effects.
As will most Sibu sheet these are 26000 mm x 1000 mm and supplied self adhesive, non adhesive or PVA bondable. The very small mosaic sheets are supplied in a 980 mm x 980 mm size self adhesive or with a cloth back option for the fashion industry.




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Sibu wood based sheets

Sibu Woodline

This simple range of timber reflects the modern trend toward simple, natural materials with a light Scandinavian feel.
Thes eproducts were added to the Sibu Range in 2016 along with concrete finishes.







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Sibu Glas

Sibu Glas offerers a scratch resistant finish for joinery, bathrooms, and kitchens as well as commercial applications
Sibu sheets are supplied 1000 mm x 2600 mm and as either self adhesive or non adhesive. 
Full handling instruction can be found on the right of this screen





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Sibu Translucent

 Sibu Translucent sheets are opal acrylic back and we can make you virtually any pattern you require.
On a one off basis we can do this in New Zealand with our fabrication partner, on volume we will manufacture in Austria.
Supplied as 1000 x 2600 mm and either self adhesive or non adhesive.




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Sibu Soft Leather

Top quality, stylish synthetic leather with fine napper leather grain. The result is a natural appearance and touch, the material is virtually indistinguishable from genuine leather.
This Sibu product is supplied 1250 mm wide and in rolls of 20 m or 100 m
The Sibu soft leather is designed as a decorative element and is not intended for use in hard wear seating etc.





TAGS : Sibu decorative sheets